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Our construction experts build all types of house extensions in Poole, Bournemouth and throughout Dorset. A new extension is the perfect addition to your home if you are looking to gain extra space for a new kitchen, utility room, home office or larger living room. Call today to find out more about our competitively priced house extensions.

Footings & Groundworks

There are many kinds of footing with the strip footing being the most common and in 95% of cases being adequate for the job intended. As with most groundworks the rest of the build is only as good as what its sitting on. A footing must be dug into ground that’s good enough to take the weight of the rest of the build and then spread that weight evenly. For a quotation for your footings or groundworks in Bournemouth & Poole call us today 07825 679256 or 07901 676041.

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patios installation bournemouth

New Patio Installation

Again, there are too many different patio styles and patterns to list but they all have the same thing in common, they look great and provide a usable space for the whole family to enjoy. Laid properly they will be maintenance-free for years which is why as an absolute minimum all our new patio installations are laid on 100mm of heavily compacted crushed stone then bedded down on mortar. Some styles of slabs allow to be dry jointed and others look great when pointed.


There are 2 types of drains that are common to homes, the foul drain which takes waste water from sinks, baths and toilets to the main sewer which is normally a line running through your property and the surface water drain, which collects water from your roof and any ground drains such as a gulley on your patio and sends it to a collection point called a soakaway which is normally buried in your garden.

Drainage Bournemouth

Decking Installation Wimborne

Decking Installation in Bournemouth & Poole

Decking installation can transform an unused area into a space for the whole family to enjoy. Unlike laying a patio there is less disturbance to the ground underneath and differences in height can be more easily overcome. With the added benefit of a level access entry with no issues of coming to close to your damp proof course.


Marking your boundary doesn’t have to be boring. A properly erected fence looks great. There are too many options out there to list but closeboard has the looks and lasting power. Local suppliers in Poole and Bournemouth also provide top quality materials and the finished job never fails to impress.

Fencing Bournemouth

Oversites Bournemouth


An oversite is the floor area which can sometimes be the finished height floor or sometimes will need additional layers to complete it. Older houses are constructed with wooden joists and then finished with wooden floorboards whereas newer homes are made with a concrete block and beam floor, normally insulated over and then a screed finish applied to the required height. Garages can also be made of a block and beam construction but are more commonly made of solid concrete which can be reinforced if required. Use our contact form for more information on oversites and floor screeding services.

Site Clearance throughout Dorset

You may need your garden cleared if a few items haven’t found their way to the tip or you may have your whole roof to replace. We have a full waste carriers’ licence so are able to take whatever you can throw at us to a local waste management centre at a reasonable price.

Site Clearance throughout Dorset

Services Bournemouth


Services are mainly dug into the ground during the new build phase of a home but can occasionally need to be renewed due to damage or age replacement. Common services that go to a home include Gas, Electric, Water, Cable TV and depending on where you live in Dorset your BT phone cable may no longer come from a mast outside your house but from underground, emerging at a convenient point on the outside of your house.

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